Layering and Mixing Prints - Don't Be Scared!

Fall, the most wonderful fashion season of them all! With the chill in the air, endless fashion options avail. Northeast weather brings frost bite in the morning and wondering where the half empty bottle of sunscreen is in the afternoon. Well, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, although this tricky weather is best navigated by layering our favorite transitional pieces. My go to is usually leggings, rocker T and a fun printed sweater. Speaking of prints...mixing! By far my favorite trend for Fall! Girls..we now have license not to match! Mastering this trend could be a bit daunting. The fear of looking like your three year old who raided your closet is a legitimate concern. Start small..maybe striped black and white shirt with printed midi?? Even safer, a bold printed coat or jacket. The result is pure fun, and gives your vibe a uniqueness..guarantee nobody at school pickup is going to have the same outfit on as you! My inspo for this post is the character from the hysterical Brit comedy "Catastrophe." Besides being the funniest show I think I have ever seen, Sharon is closet envy!

Girl can mix prints like nobody's business. Be like Sharon...layer up and mix your prints! Don't be scared!

Oh..awesome printed midi's and tops coming in November to Auden Roads. Perfect for dipping your toes into the trend! Scroll through to check out some coming soon styles...

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