Take Me Back to....Belize

Just around this time last year my husband Dave and I were getting ready to take off on our Honeymoon! We were married in August but decided to hold off until the weather turned cold and we could really enjoy a beach getaway. We had both been to to most of the Caribbean Islands and were desperate for a destination that was more out of the box! My husband some how stumbled upon Hamanasi Resort. We both knew right away that this was it...Belize! One glance at the website and we knew Hamanansi had everything we were looking for. An all inclusive small resort...offering adventure, stellar culinary experience, pristine beach and wait for it...our very own tree house accomodations. Scroll through to check out our paradise pad in the sky.

Getting to Hamanasi was an adventure in itself. We pulled up via car service to a tiny roadside airport in Dangriga. I must admit I was a bit nervous about boarding the almost toy like plane but quickly settled in as the spectacular views were well worth it! Dave was lucky enough to be asked to sit in the copilot seat, which he said was both scary and unreal!

With a successful short flight behind us we were shuttled via car through the "real" Belize. While, certainly the people live simply, and much of the towns look poor and rundown, you could detect the rich culture found in the streets and landscape. We were lucky to have a chatty driver who gave us some local insight into the areas.

Pulling into the resort was like entering an oasis that nobody knew about but us. Hamanasi Resort prides itself on being an ecological resort, self sustaining much of its food via their own gardens. The beautiful landscape was the first thing we noticed, along with rows of bicycles, lush rainforest (yes, rainforest on the beach), and the main welcome building. We were greeted with a smile, champagne, and Hamanasi's own kitty cat. lol

Hamanasi's all inclusive package included four adventure days. We chose snorkeling and a trip to the pyramids. We wanted to take more advantage of the beach and venturing out locally on our own. To be honest, we didn't even end up going on the snorkeling trip as we were too vegged out! Our days were filled with lounging on the beach, reading, walking along the water, swaying in a hammock or exploring on bicycle through town. We ate at a few hole in the wall local joints, found some abandoned beaches, shopped at roadside stands and soaked in as much local flavor as possible.

The food!!! It was incredible. Fresh fish everyday. The local cuisine is out of this world. We ate and drank all day. The service was flawless, all the staff knows your name and greats you with a smile and a "what can we do for you" today. They really were the best. Dave's big 40th Birthday came around while we were there. Hamanasi did such a wonderful job of helping us celebrate, including a private dinner on the beach by candlelight and couples massage.

We can't wait to go back to Hamanasi. It truly was the time of our lives. If you are looking for something a bit different, consider visiting Belize. Hamanasi will have a coconut filled with booze waiting for you upon arrival!

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